Sedo Obeys Google’s CNAME Agenda

20 Sep

Sedo Obeys Google's CNAME Agenda

Here’s a doozy. Since Google is Google, they can impose their will on how they want things done. I’ve always hated using Google for domain parking BECAUSE of the CNAME requirement. Now Sedo is following suit like a puppy dog since they know the parking industry (for those of us with average names) is dying.

Here is the email that spells it all out in detail:

Our primary ad provider, Google, has announced a policy to stop the delivery of ads for URL-forwarded domains by September 30, 2011. It’s highly likely that domains still forwarding via URL on or after October 1, 2011, will no longer accrue parking earnings. Google expects this concentration on nameserver (DNS/CNAME) parking to improve advertiser satisfaction and consequent monetization.

We’ve taken the opportunity to speak with many of you and have evaluated the suggestions and options you proposed. We are pleased to present a smart, flexible solution: CNAME parking.

The CNAME method has the clear advantages of traditional nameserver (DNS) parking but will soon offer three major added benefits:

Clarity on whether you still own the domains in your account to ensure a smooth selling process on the Sedo marketplace
An automated process of adding new domains to Sedo (*Since they have ALWAYS been the slowest to verify ownership)
The ability to still set your own MX entries and control the emails for your domains (available now)
Implement this option by September 30, 2011, to ensure continued parking earnings! We’ve outlined the steps you need to take below.

NOTE: If you are a registrar, you should have already received separate communications over the past few months. For additional questions, please contact your account manager.


You need to check with your registrar which domains you are parking with Sedo via nameserver and/or URL forwarding. If you park domain names via:

DNS: No immediate changes required. However, we suggest you read the information below on the beneficial switch to CNAME parking.

URL Forwarding: Immediate action required; you need to switch your forwarding method to ensure continued monetization of your traffic (read next step).


Start at your registrar for any necessary switch. You may wish to contact your registrar for support, to check if they offer a solution to switch domains in bulk, and to ensure that newly registered domains are automatically set up with the right CNAME or Sedo’s name servers.

A. CNAME Parking (preferred):

We have set up a redirection server for your convenience. The redirection server forwards all traffic to each of your domains with WWW so that all traffic points via CNAME to Sedo’s servers.

Point the domain with WWW ( via CNAME to

Point the domain without WWW ( and all subdomains (* via A-Record to: XX.XXX.XX.XXX

NOTE: Each Sedo account has its own member ID and thus its own CNAME. We suggest that you consolidate your domains into a single Sedo account; our new statistics tools are able to process large domain portfolios.

B. DNS Parking:

If your registrar does not allow you to use CNAME parking for your domains, you can continue to use the traditional nameserver parking method on Sedo’s nameservers. Please use the following:

Primary (first) nameserver:
Secondary (second) nameserver:


Your Account Manager is ready to answer your questions, discuss alternative solutions, or help you consolidate your domains. Please email your Account Manager once you have successfully switched.

We always aim to offer continuous and attractive monetization solutions for your domains. In this case, however, we can only do so with your cooperation and support.

Thank you! (*We have sold our souls to Google)

*My added comments…

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  1. Mike | September 20, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    This is typical Google BS. Google says jump and everyone asks how high? Screw that. I will be leaving SEDO because of this. Godaddy threw me out of its parking program because GOOGLE SAID there was fraudulent traffic and clicking going on. When I asked for a report of the violating traffic, they (both Godaddy and Google) refused to show me this traffic.

    When I insisted to see this so-called ‘fraud’ traffic, I got an email from GoDaddy telling me that their hands were tied. I was and am still prepared to show that it was Amazon EC2 BOT TRAFFIC that was going click-hungry.

    Its time that people break out of these Google shackles. Its very sad when you run a company and then allow another company to dictate policy and action.

    I refuse to switch from URL forwarding for this very reason. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, you’re never going to get the chance to.

    I trust Google as far as I can throw them.

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