What is an SEO Audit?

19 Nov
SEO Audit

What is an SEO Audit?

Depending on who you ask, you will hear different versions on what makes up seo audits. It is designed to take a snapshot in time of where the site currently stands, how sustainable the site’s content and architecture is and what potential the web property in question has.

There are different schools of thought in regards to what a comprehensive seo audit will provide. Like many things in search, there are many ways to win the race. When someone gets a domain audit, they are looking at the sustainability of the site’s current rankings.

Compare that to someone looking for a web audit, they are most likely looking to see what keywords make the most sense to pursue or provide insight as to why the site ranks for certain search terms.

Who needs a website SEO Audit?

Anyone who is looking to acquire a domain or established site should always get an seo audit as part of the due diligence process.

Anyone who is looking to increase traffic to their website and looking for a plan to get their site ranked.

Why are SEO Audits beneficial?
If you are looking to acquire a site or domain, an seo audit can find potential pitfalls as well as provide guidance on the best steps that need to be taken once the new property is acquired.

If you are getting a seo site audit for your own web property, the audit can provide insight for the right keywords to pursue. It should also answer the question of the ability of the site to get ranked for the desired phrases.

What does the SEO Audit include?
Each site will have its own specific criteria on what is needed to provide a beneficial result. Every seo audit starts with a thorough checklist of areas of the site that are reviewed. They are:

  • Accessibility
  • Keywords
  • Links
  • Domain
  • Competitors
  • Current rankings

What is the SEO Audit process?
After talking with you and determining the objective of the audit, we begin to analyze the site from different perspectives. We take into account how Google views the site, and how all the links coming in are structured.

The next step is to review any digital media assets the site can use. This means the review of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn profiles. Since they have a critical impact on search rankings, to ignore these assets would not be serving you well.

After that, the site’s content is analyzed to see what search terms already have a great fit and to see where improvements can be made. Should the objective of the seo audit include new keyword research, the content of both the site and all digital assets will be reviewed to determine the final suggested list.

SEO Audits are designed to provide the reader with both a technical and actionable view of their web properties that should provide leadership in crafting the next steps to take for that website.

What will I get?
A comprehensive seo audit report document – outlining all of the findings defined on the checklist, objectives answered, and a strategy for moving forward to get the site ranked.

All data used to gather the information about the properties in question will also be included so that you will see all the information we used to compile the audit.

You will also get a phone consultation to review the finished report and ask any other questions about the audit that you might have.

Finally, what will it cost?
Our SEO Audit fee range starts at $2,500. Most audits can be completed at this price for sites that focus on one topic. E-commerce and enterprise-level sites are more complex and require more time to complete the review. All fees will be agreed upon before any work is started.

How do I get started?
Contact me today. SEO Audits are a great way to learn about your web properties and provide clear direction on the next steps.

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