SEO Focus

19 Apr

SEO Focus

It’s amazing how many times this question gets asked. What is your seo focus?

Taking into consideration there are many ways to define this, I felt the need to describe how RankSurge determines seo focus.

The first issue we run into is seo itself. Officially, it means “search engine optimization”. By our definition, it means we code the site in a way that the search engines like to process your site. This includes the title and meta tags, url structures and looking at the server to make sure it properly delivers web pages in the way the searchbots like to get them.

When most people talk about seo, they are really talking about search engine marketing – essentially, all ways to drive traffic to your site.

That include social media, press releases, links, blogs, videos etc. Any way you can get a link on the Internet pointing to your site is search engine marketing.

Today, you have seo companies that only focus on certain elements. Pay Per Click (PPC) is big business and has big budgets to go along with it. If you can afford to, PPC is a fantastic way to discover what search phrases have impressions, and most importantly, what phrases deliver traffic.

Some companies focus only on the social side of search. These companies deliver Facebook likes, followers on Twitter and subscribers for your YouTube channels. Google has admitted that social activity is a signal they look for in sites getting ranked. To overlook this component can mean the difference between a first page ranking and a number one position in Google.

Then you have “traditional” seo which is link building from all parts of the web. Blogs, forums and directories are part of the potential link acquisition structure. There are many ways to get links and the way to go about them is what sets apart the “ethical” companies from the questionable ones.

So what should your seo focus be? Conversions. Sure, it’s be great to have a video go viral on YouTube or have 20,000 followers on Twitter. But, if you aren’t converting the people who arrive at your site, who cares?

Any seo firm that talks to you and doesn’t mention conversions should be a flag. It’s easy to generate traffic to a site – it’s much more difficult to send people to your site ready to spend.

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