SEO For Law Firms

02 Nov

SEO for Law Firms

There is a running joke in the search industry that no proper seo professional would ever work for a lawyer since they’d be afraid of getting sued for not getting that firm ranked in the search results.

Law firm seo service is somewhat more sophisticated than typical search since many times the attorney’s name is sought after for the ranking as well as the name of the law firm, coupled with the precise branch of law that firm practices.

Why Search Engine Rankings Matter
Three out of four adults in the United States use the Internet for legal advice and information. Only six years ago that was not the case. The Internet is now the biggest source of legal information in the United States.

Over the same period of time, the number of people who ask friends and family for the same advice has declined by a third, since Google is always at their fingertips. As this new way of looking for legal help continues to grow, smart law firms are decreasing their spends on traditional phone book advertising by creating a stronger presence online.

Because of this, your target audience is online as well, every day. The question is … will your law firm be found?

The Challenge for Law Firms
You already have enough cases you say? Are they all top-tier clients? Imagine being able to pick and choose the cases and clients you want to represent and help grow your law firm further. When a client arrives to your site online, you have the perfect opportunity to guide them down the path you want them to take in learning about what your firm has to offer.

Nobody can dispute the importance of search engine rankings. Every law firm wants their website to rank well in the search engine results. With many potential clients online looking to learn more about a law firm that can serve them, that’s why search engine optimization (SEO) should be a cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

Many law firms make the wrong investment in their web site. They spend a lot of money on a splashy new web design or take what seems to be the easy route and buy a web site template with the same basic content as many otherlaw firms use across the country. While that might be cost effective, you need to stand out from the “clutter” and be remembered as the firm who’s using the web for all the potential that it has to offer.

Law Firm SEO: Time, Money, Patience, and Conversions
Whether you are an established attorney or a new firm looking for your first client, the goal is to provide you with the knowledge and information to develop a successful internet marketing program that will not only build up the brand name of the firm, but also provide leads.

You should be skeptical. I can tell you that you won’t get ranked overnight. This is a process that takes time to build up, but once you have built up your online presence, it will take a tremendous effort to dislodge your position in the search rankings.

My Experience
I’ve been performing seo for clients well over eight years and have yet to not get a client first page rankings in Google.

So, if you are the only one running the show, or have a firm of lawyers that need clients, I can assist you in getting all of your services found.

Contact me today. There is no obligation, and I promise you will not get any un-solicited emails from me!

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