SEO for Mobile Search

04 Jan

SEO for Mobile Search

Mobile SEO is a myth, perhaps better used a marketing statement rather than to truly define what seo for mobile search consists of.

Mobile seo would mean that all links take place on mobile devices and only link to other mobile platforms. Does Google only have a mobile version of search?

Nope. Instead, they use detection technologies to determine if you’re browsing from a desktop or smartphone. Then, they deliver the search results in a format that makes it easier to consume.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, what should your strategy be for mobile search?

It’s really simple. Think about the person who is searching with a mobile device. Chances are they are looking for something quick, or are trying to show off to some friends about some cool video they saw, or some weird piece of information they found on a website somewhere.

You know where I’m going with this. You need to make it easy to share the content you’re promoting. Well, you already knew this from everything we’ve been doing for the web, right?!

Yes, but a laptop has a much bigger screen and user expectations are different when using s smart phone.

Your web-based solution must include recognition of the user’s browsing device. Simply serving up your web-based site into their smart phone is not the answer.

If you have WordPress, you’re in luck as there is a fantastic plugin called WPTouch that handles all of this for you. uses this very plugin for this site.

Otherwise, you will still need to find a developer that can build this for you.

The next component is to make the mobile version of your site easy to navigate. There are still some people who use the flip-phones to surf. This means you typically want a one-column layout with one click links to the content you want them to read.

Make it easy to share. Be sure to include links to your Twitter and Facebook pages, and link to your videos if you have them.

Now to getting ranked. Here’s the secret: There is none! Everything you are already doing to get ranked for your site translates over to mobile search.


That is only for national terms. Since most of your audience will be searching locally to them, that is where you need to beef up your efforts. Think of mobile search the same as local search. Google Places can get involved too.

Most sites that can take advantage of local search (restaurants/hotels/places to shop) need to account for users looking for them at a time of need in a limited window of opportunity. Some of the best ways to get ranked locally is making sure you are found on sites like Yelp, Kudzu and MerchantCirle. That also means getting customers to leave reviews on those sites so that Google will see that your site is a worthy information provider.

There’s a lot here to review and this quick post doesn’t cover everything that can be done. If you are looking for someone to perform these services for you, contact us today and we can get your site found!

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