SEO Objective Checklist

25 Jan

SEO Objective Checklist

Now this won’t look the same for everyone, but there are some basics that all sites should have by now in 2012:

Does the site have the proper header tags?
For social too? (Bonus Points if it does)
Does the site have social icon buttons to share content?
Are the profiles complete on each social network?
Does the destination page support the keyword to get ranked?
Is the optimized page the best it can possibly be?
Are you getting links pointed to your page from various sites around the web?
Does the optimized page have a video and image that support the keyword for that page?
Will the reader find the page useful?
Is there a clear call to action for the user?
What is the action you want the reader to take?

That last question is so important, I will repeat it here: What is the action you want the reader to take?

So many times people worry about the wrong thing. Sure, a #1 ranking in Google will send traffic to your site. But, if you don’t have a clear objective in mind for what you want your visitor to do, how can you measure success?

All of your marketing efforts should center around that last question. Rankings are nice, but they won’t buy your product or service.

Always think of your reader first, and make it as easy as you can for them to perform an action!

I hope that in five years from now this post will be outdated as by then, everyone always will perform that action. But, that’s the difference between successful companies and ones that go out of business…

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