SEO Packages Vs Custom SEO Solutions

03 Oct

SEO Packages Vs Custom SEO Solutions

I always enjoy talking to fellow colleagues about seo and how they go about offering their services. I was having one of those conversations when the topic was brought up on how to sell search engine optimization services. She asked me what my seo packages consisted of, and I was stopped dead in my tracks.

SEO Packages? Never done it.

But, it makes sense from a sales perspective. Most businesses are smart enough to know that they need seo, but don’t know how to determine what they are getting. An SEO Package makes it easy to digest and more importantly, easy to convey the value to the person that would be signing off on the deal.

On the other hand, custom seo solutions are designed to be flexible and provide options that work within a certain budget range. There are no limitations with a custom solution since they are designed to best serve the needs of the client.

My colleague offers packages, I do custom solutions. Is either of them wrong? No, it’s a matter of what the client is looking to get out of it. My argument against packages is that it sets a standard that as long as payment is made, rankings will improve. SEO packages are good ways to get started on an seo campaign, but to see sustainable results over time; an ongoing search effort has to be in effect so that as the seo landscape changes so will your options.

That’s where the magic of a customized solution comes into play. Imagine an seo package that got someone 100 profile links a month and 25 .edu links. That’s fine for long tail phrases and phrase with little competition. What happens when the client gets ranked for that term and then wants to apply the same package towards a more competitive phrase?

You already know the answer.

Going back to the custom solution, it would be easy to account for the competitiveness of a new phrase and a strategy could be deployed to earn rankings for those new search terms. Each keyword will have it’s own set of challenges. While profile and edu links might work for one term, for other phrases, you might need a strong social presence in order to earn that coveted top spot.

The SEO Package is easier to sell since it will typically define all parameters and expectations. The custom seo solution is typically tougher to sell since more time is needed to explain the process and strategies that will be considered and executed to get those top rankings. I’ve always felt it is better to have an educated client that knows what to expect and know some of the seo “geek speak” so as opportunities present themselves, action can quickly be taken and results can be earned faster.

The last point to talk about is price. People like the idea of a package since they know upfront the total investment. A custom solution will have many variables that factor into determining the cost of the campaign. It’s very similar to buying a car. You can walk in and just take the cheapest model off the lot, or you can custom order your new vehicle to have what you want.

These are some things to take into consideration when deciding on a seo package or a custom seo solution.

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