SEO Ranking Audit

15 Feb

SEO Ranking Audit

SEO Ranking Audit

There seems to be some issues around the definition of what makes up SEO Audits.

In the case of a traditional audit, the goals are to look at the entire site from a search engine’s perspective to find all the issues a site might have.

SEO Ranking Audits are more focused. Typically reserved for special instances such as domain acquisition, or when there is some concern about the links being acquired as part of a linking campaign.

The Ranking Audit is focused on details such as the sustainability of rankings for the keywords that enjoy high placement in the search results. Not only do those terms have to be analyzed, but each page that is ranked needs to be looked at in order to ensure that the rankings will remain.

Not only are the ranked keywords and ranking pages looked at, but also, all the links that are pointed to the domain.

Common Questions Answered in a Ranking Audit

Unfortunately, there are still those out there who use link networks to earn their rankings. Many times they will build a site with the intention to sell it off in the very near future. So, they will insert links to the ranking site to help the site look more valuable. They know as soon as the site leaves their possession, they will remove those links, and the site will lose it’s rankings.

So, one of the questions that are addressed is the sustainability of the rankings. While no link can be guaranteed to stay online forever, common sense will tell you that a link from will most likely last for a long time, assuming they stay in business.

Those are the easy links to spot and verify. But are they the ones causing the site to get ranked? Many times, the powerful links are coming from an influential blogger or authority site that has a link pointed to the site in question. Will that link remain once ownership changes hands?

Another answer a ranking audit should provide is whether or not all the links earned are being counted in the rankings. Some links have the nofollow attribute attached to them, and others come from low quality sites that won’t pass much value, if any.

SEO Ranking Audits – Impact

When you’re audit is complete, you should have an idea on how long your links and rankings will last, and which ones are at risk.

Armed with this information, you should be able to justify the cost of your domain acquisition, or the efforts of your seo vendor.

If you’re looking for an SEO Audit, click on the contact button to get a no obligation quote from us on what to expect, and what the expected outcome will be.

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