SEO Retainer

21 Sep

SEO Retainer

SEO Retainer – What Is It?

SEO Retainer Service provides the following on a monthly basis:

Fixed monthly cost.
Regional market exclusives are negotiable.

The seo retainer service includes:

  • 10 monthly service hours
  • Ongoing input on the web marketing strategy tied to your company planning and business objectives
  • Ongoing input on the company’s online strategy
  • Client priority email & cell phone access

The seo retainer service is designed to be an outsourced product that will compliment your marketing operations, rather than compete with them. We work with and take direction from your company’s leadership.

Our approach includes:

  • Comprehensive web marketing strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content development strategies
  • Digital asset optimization
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Website link architecture
  • Social media networking & monitoring
  • Providing guidance on technology used to ensure that it is search bot friendly
  • Answering your questions & providing help when you need it

SEO Retainer – Why Have It?

The goal is simple: to increase online profile and web-driven business opportunities for your company. We help evaluate your current web initiatives, design a strategic direction and then execute upon that strategy with your approval. For the cost of an administrative assistant, we help deliver increased profile, media inquiries and new business.

Think of this service as part web marketer, part consultant, part PR agent, and part coach!

Contact me today. Setting up a SEO Retainer will set you on the path to continued success for your business.

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