SEO Strategy for Small Business

07 Nov

SEO Strategy for Small Business

I’ve seen too many post lately that are giving bits and pieces of advice for small businesses and how to deploy a sound seo strategy. So, instead of rambling on, here is a checklist of action items to be taken:

Google Places Listing
Local SEO Optimization
Citations and Reviews
Ask your clients for feedback (Learn from the bad, reward those who compliment your services)
Press Releases – Talk about how you serve the local area.
Articles – Talk about the impact your company has in the local region.
Get links from websites that are only about your community – directories, community websites, closest major city cites, local paper sites, etc.
Google maps – Include a page with directions to your location.
Privacy policy page.
Register domain for as long as you can, 10 years if possible.
Link to your social assets. (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook page)
Offer your expertise to news sources – they are always looking for credible companies.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be on your way.

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