SEO Training

06 Apr

SEO Training

SEO Training

There are many places that offer seo training. Some through site memberships, some by providing seo tools used during the training and then they try to get you to buy that software afterwards. Others show you enough to make you understand how much time is needed to really perform at a high level to succeed, and then try to sell you their services at the end of the training.

This seo training program is nothing like any of these other courses.

In our opinion, the best SEO Training will set you on a path of self-learning by understanding the principles of thinking like the SEO Professionals. When asked – “How do you actually train me?” here is a quick summary of the process.

We do hands-on training in person. The reason? Due to how fast the industry changes and what it takes to get a site ranked in Google, we’ve found that the tools used are constantly in a state of change.

Don’t worry, we include a document that has all resources, tools and methods used during your training. We’ve also found that the transfer of seo knowledge works best when we can go into detail on how or why something works or should not be implemented in person.

So What’s the Process?
The first step is to determine how much seo knowledge you already possess. From there, we can set the goals of the training. We cover all aspects of search from the coding of your website, to how the Google algorithm works through all off-page factors you need to keep in mind.

Next, we cover all elements of a successful search campaign. Extensive keyword research for converting phrases. Proper seo coding of your website. Learn how to determine where your target audience “hangs out” online. How to find the best sites to earn links pointing to your site.

As mentioned before, we will not try to sell you any tools or service. We believe it’s our job to make sure that when we leave, you have a complete education on all the methods of keyword research, link building, analytics and traffic generation.

Here is a small summary of what you will learn. We also have a four page document that lists very component covered in our training. If you are interested, visit our contact page and request the checklist, we’ll send it out asap.

Follow Up Included
We won’t abandon you. Part of our service includes free phone or email conversations for the following three months after the training session. There are always questions that you might not think of during the training, and we feel it’s only fair to be there for any questions that you might have later.

The fees for training are based on how many people will participate. Group discounts are available. We require a non-refundable deposit that covers travel fees, in case of any cancellation.

How Long Does the SEO Training Take?
Training is a two day event – think of day 1 as the crash course, and day 2 is where we sit together and develop strategies and can begin to implement them. The whole time you can “pick our brains” on any ideas or questions that you have.

If you think this seo training might be of interest to you and would want to discuss more details, visit our contact page and we can set you on the path of becoming an SEO Professional.

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