Should You Buy That Domain Name?

10 Sep

Should You Buy That Domain Name

While this topic has many possible points to discuss, for the sake of this conversation we are only going to be talking about the impact of owning a category level domain.

At the time of this post, will be going on the auction block on October 19th, 2010 at the TRAFFIC South Beach show.

My initial reaction was to immediately think about how I could get the money needed to acquire this fantastic domain. What makes it great?

1.) – it’s a direct hit for anyone working in the search industry.
2.) Traffic – While I don’t have any number, I would bet that this domain gets at least 500 visits per day
3.) Branding – The perception is that if you own that domain, you *must* be the leader, right?

As reality set in and the money issue is what will keep me from participating, I was thinking about the impact of owning the domain and how it could impact my own business.

From one perspective, owning that domain would give the instant perception of being a leader since I was “smart” enough to get the domain. But does that really matter to a potential client? Maybe.

But what about all the traffic? That is what is the most attractive to me. Knowing that everyday 500+ people arriving at my site and some of them looking for a service provider of SEM services. That is the power of a great domain – it’s like having your business located in Times Square.

But then we get to branding. I’ve spent quite a bit of time building up the name of this site by getting links and writing articles like this to (hopefully) offer something a little bit different in the seo space. Also, I already have clients who know me by this name – should I get the, would that cause any sense of confusion?

I know I could just re-direct the traffic from to this site, but that too might cause a bit of a jolt for the user – they are expecting one thing but get sent to some site they’ve never heard of.

I really hope this domain sells for at least 1 million. There is a lot of money in the search space, and it’s time to show off that financial muscle and also confirm that we believe in what we preach in regards to the value of owning a top-shelf name.

That date can’t get here soon enough for me!

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