Social Currency doesn’t Pay the Bills

07 May

Social Currency Doesn't Pay The Bills

We’re all guilty. You been posting, tweeting, liking, subscribing, following, adding to your circles and handing out plus one votes.

Then one day, a post of yours gets some attention. Maybe someone well known in your industry links to your article. Maybe some internet influencers like your post. You might even get some people to comment on whatever it is you composed.

Feels good, right?

But does that help with your groceries or utility payment?

I can already hear those who would take this social activity as a way to earn brandability, likeability which could lead to someone picking you over someone else.

While I agree 100% on that, I’ve yet to hear of someone’s story where they were chosen because they were liked “X” amount of times.

So, with that out if the way, let’s get back to the point.

In today’s up to the minute know everything society, many people are translating Likes and Followers as some kind of currency. Some people are seemingly addicted to the attention they get from this activity. Hey, who am I tell you what keeps life interesting for you, but I will take the quick email from a client who says “thanks” for the work that I’ve done for them over various mentions of some article I wrote.

Better yet, the conversation that takes place when conversions are much better because we spent the time to look at the important items that actually make an impact on business.

Because of this always on lifestyle, it seems that many professionals are getting distracted by these social activities that really don’t have an impact on your bottom line.

But, I’m not here to change the mind of those people. I’m glad they are out there since it leaves me more room to do something important for a client. I’ll gladly let others talk about how some video of theirs went viral and now they have 10,000 subscribers to their Youtube channel.

I’ll always ask the same question: That’s nice, but how much money did you make?

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  1. Greenwich SEO | May 7, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    So true, so true! We use social to index posts and perhaps get additional traction; without it, the task of getting the message out becomes a bit more difficult. I think what people find addicting about social is that, unlike some other aspects of SEO, it is something they feel they can control, and it is measurable.

  2. Bjorn Solstad | May 8, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    What you are saying here is like swearing in the church. I totally agree with you in everything you say. Also, a phone call from a client is way more valuable than any mail, mentions or other way of communication I know of.

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