Social Media Marketing

20 Dec

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Simply put, it’s making sure your company is being found and re-posted on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social networks have become the fastest growing source of traffic referrals for many sites.

Who needs to use Social Media Marketing?

Anyone who is looking to gain brand awareness by participating at social media sites. Anyone looking for targeted traffic arriving to their site from followers and fans who are genuinely interested in the topics being talked about.

Why is Social Media Marketing beneficial?
We all know that getting ranked in Google is important. But in today’s online world, you also need a strong presence at Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets where people are hanging out. Additionally, the search engines have taken notice and are including tweets, “likes” and videos as part of organic search results. Having a meaningful Twitter account is important. The same goes for a Facebook fan page that serves the audience. Facebook alone gets 25% of all U.S. pageviews and roughly 10% of Internet visits. The sooner you engage the reader, the quicker you can lead them to the conversion.

What does Social Media Marketing include?
There are a few components that make up a well round social media strategy. They are:

Account creation for each site – You need to have real people complete these profiles.
Participation – You must have a real person reading and responding to the various comments placed in the social network.
Tweets/Likes – You have to grow your followers on Twitter, and earn Likes on Facebook in order to see any impact.
Proactive – You have to understand that not all comments will show the company in a good light. Social Media is the weapon to correct any wrong doings and explain to the masses the issue that caused it, and how your company corrected it.
Competitors – It’s very easy to keep tabs on what your competition is doing. Now you can react faster through social media channels.
Policies – Some employees are quick to post whatever comes to mind. Be sure you have a policy in place that addresses that issue before you run into any trouble.

Now that it’s understood what a well balanced social media campaign should include, what services would be expected?

Account creation best practices. A YouTube channel has different needs than a Twitter account. While all channels can serve the brand, each needs to conform to the network it resides on to have maximum impact.

Gaining followers/subscribers/getting likes. This is the heart of the matter. There’s no point in Tweeting great deals if no one is following you. I know how to get followers who are interested in your products and services. If you need your YouTube video to go viral, you need to get comments and subscribers – I can get that done as well. And of course, getting likes on Facebook means many more eyeballs looking at your product or service.

Leveraging Social into organic rankings. As mentioned before, the search engines are incorporating social network participation into search results. All of the actions we perform in a social media marketing campaign will get you found in the organic rankings of Google.

How do I get started?
Contact me today. There is no obligation, and I promise you will not get any un-solicited emails from me!

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