Sometimes, Even a Number One Ranking in Google isn’t Enough to Keep Your Client

24 Sep

Sometimes, Even a Number One Ranking in Google isn't Enough to Keep Your Client

If you talk to any SEO provider, they all have a story about some clients that got away. Many times there are various reasons beyond their control that lead to why they part ways.

Sometimes there is a change in the regime of the client, and the new people in want to bring in their own people.

But having just gone through this myself, the worst one is where a client had numerous number one rankings in Google, yet went out of business because they just couldn’t close the leads.

It’s certainly the first time I had to deal with that, and when I first encountered this, I just figured I was in the minority. But then I started talking to some others who had the same thing happen to them.

So the question is, were the wrong keywords targeted? This train of thought was constantly in my mind when trying to evaluate how this all happened.

But, when looking at the other terms that were ranked, and the websites that were there, they all seemed to make sense.

It was only after I was able to talk to a former employee of the company that I learned the real reason for the demise of the business. Seems that the sales team in place wasn’t great at converting the leads we had earned.

It’s just another reminder that sometimes no matter how well you do, and all the effort you put in, just won’t be good enough.

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