Sorry, I Can’t Take You on as a Client

10 Apr

Sorry, I Can't Take You as A Client


Do you have a Facebook page?
How about Twitter?
Google Plus?
A YouTube channel?
How about a LinkedIn page for your company?

Are you making new content on a regular schedule?

Are you really serious about getting found?

Are you committed to what’s needed to earn rankings?

Do you understand how the process works?

Are you patient enough to see the efforts realized?

Do you understand that rankings aren’t the most important metric to worry about?

Are you more concerned about “likes” or conversions?

Do you want to build brand awareness?

Do you recognize that this effort is not “cheap” or “free”?

Are you willing to let me speak on your behalf as your brand?

Are you ready to accept that there are conversations going on about your brand without your permission?

Do you know how to respond to those conversations?

Do you want to respond to those conversations?

If you aren’t willing to even consider any of these questions, then there’s no way I can help you. In order to get conversions in today’s online world, you must create and engage with your potential customers before and after they make a purchase. If you aren’t willing to do this, it’s time for you to choose another business to get into.

Good news is that I can help you with all of these efforts. Contact me today to see how we can get started.

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