The Only Metric That Matters

29 Feb

The Only Metric That Matters

The Only Metric That Matters

Chances are, if you know your stuff, you already know the answer. To see if you were right, read on!

When it comes to analyzing metrics to see what people did, and where they bounced off your site, it’s all great data to improve your customer experience. Sometimes, we get hung up on a top ranking in Google, or become obsessed with getting “Likes” or “Followers” for your social profiles.

But do those really matter?

Sure, I buy into the theory that people like to follow others who are deemed popular. And yes, having 100k followers is more likely to get someone to follow that person when compared to the 341 that you have.

But do those followers engage with the brand?

How about all those YouTube stars with thousands of subscribers and millions of views on their videos. Aren’t they rolling in the money now because of that?

And don’t forget about Pinterest. Especially of you’re an online retailer, you’ve got to make sure people are pinning your product images to share, right?

Then we have to dig deep into our analytics, whether it’s Site Catalyst, Webtrends or Google Analytics. Surely, the nitty gritty nuggets that reside in that data will lead us to riches, wouldn’t you agree?

And what about your site? You have all the social buttons in place, the content is tip-top and you’ve got professionally shot images of your CEO talking about the company. All of that matters, correct?

But the killer is the top rankings in Google. Get that organic traffic and the leads will never stop coming. Right!?

Of course, all of the above mentioned items play an influential role into the most important metric that everyone who is in business should be watching, learning and improving on every day.

The only metric that matters is conversions. You can have 10 million people arrive to your site every day, but if they don’t convert, who cares?

The other metrics are important signals to influence the conversion. But, conversions should always be the measuring stick for success.

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