The Secret to Build Backlinks on 100% Autopilot

13 Oct

The Secret to Build Backlinks on 100% Autopilot

I am still amazed that emails like this not only get sent, but also get people to buy into this “special offer”. The only thing you are getting into is Google’s target when it sees your links alongside with other sites who all share the same linking footprint.

This actually makes Google’s job easier to find the crap link networks and apply a network wide slap to all sites involved.

Let’s just say this right now. Anything that creates backlinks automatically will eventually get your site penalized. I can already hear those who use SENuke and XRumer laughing. But that’s only because they know it’s the truth. They don’t just only use those services, they also use other “white hat” techniques to get their money sites ranked.

Now, I’m going to repost the email I received, but will change the names of those used in the promotion. My comments will be bolded within the text.

In short, the plugin will display our links in the sidebar or inside the article of other websites that also use Baclinks Rotator plugin. Hence, we gain automatic backlinks from those websites. – Easily revealing all the participants of this plugin…

This is an email Bob received from one of the plugin user:

“Thought I would right you and tell you how great this is working. Really beyond my expectations. Way beyond. I have had many pages move to the first page of google in less than 2 weeks,

Using Yahoo site explorer I can see new links accumulating on all my sites that I have Backlinks rotator installed on. I also have links going directly to pages on a brand new site some of the pages have 70, 80, 90 backlinks in about 2 weeks.

Just incredible. To think that it only took 2 weeks to get 90 backlinks! Joy!

How long would it take me to make that many myself? forever! I never had that many of my own links show up after creating them.



To start building backlinks on autopilot, we only need to follow these simple steps :
Install the plugin,
Add URLs + keywords that we want to build backlink,
Add the plugin widget in the sidebar (optional),
And its done! The backlink will start building automatically in time.

The plugin using a credit system. We will earn 3 to 10 credits each time a visitor visit our page that have Backlink Rotator widget in the sidebar. For each credit, 1 of our link will be displayed in another website that also using the plugin.

Using Backlinks Rotator, we will get backlinks without the need to contact the website owner manually or have to pay them to put our links in their website.

If you don’t want to display the widget in your sidebar, or your site is really new and don’t have any visitors yet, you still can get more credits by pinging another website in the network. 1 ping equal 50 credits, and for each blog, you can click the ping button 10 times every 24 hours and gain extra 500 credits.

Click here to find out more about Backlinks Rotator

Best Regards
[Some Dude from Indonesia]

So, how fast do you think Google can sniff this out and penalize all the sites that are taking part? See why things that sound “too good to be true” typically are?

Remember, when it comes to earning backlinks for your site, quality is what matters, not the amount.

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  1. Jp | October 14, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    Its a great post i think and will help most of us Article Directrory owners who are looking for the great help out there on net. Thanks for the great post and have a great reader ship…

  2. Scott Allen | October 26, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    How does something like Triberr play into that? Will Google pick up on the fact that the same people are linking to the same blogs all the time?

  3. admin | October 26, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    @Scott – While link diversity is always a good practice, Google also likes it when a website remains in it’s niche. So if your site is a blog, getting links from a directory of blogs is actually a good practice.

    Keep in mind though, at the end of the day the question should always be asked – Will this help the readers of my site? Will this link potentially bring my site new readers?

    As long as you construct your site and linking efforts with these goals in mind, you should enjoy good rankings without fear of some penalty getting applied by Google.

  4. geo | November 6, 2011 at 3:49 am

    without fear of some penalty getting applied by Google.So if your site is a blog, getting links from a directory of blogs is actually a good practice.

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