The Trainwreck at SEOMetrics and SEOMetricsReporting

13 Dec

The Trainwreck at SEOMetrics and SEOMetricsReporting

UPDATE – Please read at the end of this Post.

So, I have been in the loop for beta testing with SEOMetrics to see what they have to offer, then I get this email:

Leadership Changes in SEOmetrics –

Hello Paul,

First of all, we want to thank you for your interest in SEOmetrics. Our goal
is to make SEO reporting as streamlined and intuitive as possible with the
data that you and your clients need, and we are incredibly excited about the
future of our service. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our
beta testers and have already made a number of changes to improve

As you can imagine, developing a service like this isn’t easy and involves a
lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Many long days of work over the past 8
months have gone into bringing SEOmetrics to this point. Along the way, the
leadership team of Austin Cornelio, Tom Osypian, and Rob Wheeler has had to
make critical decisions as to the direction of the company.

It became clear that the decisions being made by Rob Wheeler over the last
several months were having a detrimental affect on the company, and
therefore he was asked to leave the company early last week. While in the
process of determining how to best move forward to an agreeable exit with
him, Tom and Austin were informed by Rob Wheeler that last Friday he had
formed his own company, that he filed copyrights for all of the code and
database design for SEOmetrics, and that all communication with you, our
beta testers, must cease and desist.

We do not believe that the claims on the code, database design, or you, our
beta testers, have any legal merit and we are in the process of consulting
with our own attorneys to deal with this matter. It is possible that you
have already been contacted by Rob Wheeler but under the guise that we are
moving domains to

We are not moving domains & Rob Wheeler is no longer a part of SEOmetrics.

While we are in the process of consulting our lawyers, we will continue to
demo SEOmetrics and make improvements to the software as we prepare to go
live. This is an unfortunate bump in the road but we will push forward so
that we can make SEOmetrics the best SEO reporting tool for you and your

Thank you for your patience with us as we move forward.

We welcome any comments or feedback.


Austin & Tom
The SEOmetrics Team

No matter who’s right or who’s wrong, there is certainly some sh!tty stuff going on here. And the worst part is, because of the greed of a few people, it’s essentially ripping both companies apart.

Visiting both sites, they are practically identical, and will easily cause confusion to anyone who visits either site.

As someone observing from a distance, this makes me lose all confidence in either company moving forward. It sucks for all those who put in the hard work, late hours and great ideas into the service to only have it tanked by some bad decisions by the upper management.

If I were an employee at either place, my resume would be already be in the hands of headhunters. It sucks that this will in time, probably cost everyone involved, but it’s an unfortunate life lesson to learn – sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you’re gonna fail.

Good luck to all those who have been unfairly impacted by these actions, I hope you can all move on to greener pastures.

From this post I got an email from Tom Osypian, one of the co-founders continuing on with SEOMetrics. Despite the legal issues and the internal problems they are facing, they are going to push forward with their product and service. For someone to believe in their product to endure such hardships speaks volumes on the character of the founders. They plan on launching the service soon and we’ll be here to help them promote it.

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  1. Gavin Duff | December 20, 2011 at 3:16 am

    I have been in touch with them since this e-mail and it’s an interesting tool that they certainly still seem very serious about – stick with them, I’d say it will work out… Gavin

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