Those Links Are Yours!

08 Feb

Those Links Are Yours

One thing that really steams me is when I am talking to a potential client and they ask me about the links. You see, their current or past seo vendor told them that once they left, their links would evaporate, thus losing the rankings they achieved.

This stinks of a link network scheme.

What happens is, some seo vendors spend a lot of resources on creating multiple unique sites on “C” Class IP’s.

This is done so that Google can’t figure out that all of those sites in a network are owned by one company or person.

The impact of this is that when a new client joins, they can immediately get a ton of links and to Google, seeing many links across a multiple sites is a signal to them of a nice link strategy.

So, the seo vendor sells this as “link building” sometimes you’ll even hear “private networks” to describe this.

Sure, while a client is using this service they are ranked, but at some point in time, Google will find this footprint and de-value all the sites found inter-linked in this network.

It’s not shocking to Google if on some blog, amongst 2,000 anchor-linked comments, to see some of the same links pointing to the same sites. But, when certain sites and keywords all share the same link footprint, that is an easy flag for Google to spot and penalize.

Once that happens, the seo vendor who operates this way is in trouble, since they will now have to go do some real optimization work for their client.

I understand the desire to have a “hook” to keep a client. But make it something that will make it painful for them to leave. For example, if you provide some great reporting, or can show them through analysis that search has an impact far beyond top rankings, those are good ways to retain a client.

Here at RankSurge, the stance taken is that all the links we build are yours. To hold a client hostage with the threat of link removal is just not good business. The monthly fees paid to us are used to acquire links for your site. Not all seo companies operate this way, but it’s just something that we feel firmly about.

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  1. Pierre | February 9, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Well, to some SEO guys, money is the only object. To others, it’s power over people ignorant of the Web’s functions. For all of these, the term IDIOTS is the way they qualify their clients. I’ve been doing SEO for 14 years and still meet tons of companies, CEO’s & website owners that still don’t have a clue on how the internet works – No kidding, NOT a clue! They continue hiring graphic “artists” & computer geeks to only acheive an acceptable showing of their websites in Internet Explorer, et al. After that, NO budget for website distribution, i.e. eMarketing is planned !! They, of course, NEVER get positions in Google to help them make sales and they end-up crying on my shoulder and are completely paranoid about all other web providers.. I’m not surprized that business people still buy links that they don’t own. I see companies being charged 100,000$ a year for C-Class links that Google isn’t even seeing yet… even if they could discount them as being SPAM. Business is also a method where you emprison your client for ever, if possible. That’s where entrepreneurial ignorance feeds sleezeballs the best. I’d rather get continuous contracts from my clients because they do make alot of money, as I do with them, that way, everybody thrives… But hey, that’s only me. Entrepreneurs will get the message one day, after being hijacked for thousands and waking up… surprized of their own gullability ! Nothing New Under The Sun There, Yet!

  2. David Burdon | February 14, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Spotted your post and thought I could add something worthwhile.
    I guess many website owners out there are not aware that, more often than not, that they are buying into a link leasing or link rental scheme. I don’t necessarily disagree with the people at the top of the food chain that run these schemes. They make it quite clear that your links are in place for 1 year. Its the intermediary people that buy into then sell on these links without fully explaining the temporary nature of any link boost.

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