Top SEO Lies

21 Feb

Top SEO Lies
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You can probably date yourself by the ones on this list that you’ve done. If you haven’t performed at least one of these, you’re a liar or you aren’t doing something right…

I’ve never used Fiverr.

I’ve never done anything “black hat”.

I’ve never copied someone else’s content and made some changes to fit my client’s needs.

I’ve never stretched the truth about some algorithm change that affected client rankings.

I’ve never used a client logo despite what the NDA said.

I’ve never participated in a reciprocal linking scheme.

I’ve never submitted a client site to a massive amount of directories.

I’ve never used social bookmarking sites to get some quick links.

I’ve never purposely posted or tweeted something that might get the attention of an “SEO Rockstar”.

I’ve never cared for one client more than another (usually the one who pays the most).

I’ve never called in a personal favor to get a link on an authoritative site.

I’ve never purchased a link.

I’ve never cloaked.

I’ve never keyword stuffed my meta tags.

I’ve never built a site just to make money from adsense.

I’ve never used hidden text.

I’ve never placed a ton of links in the footer of a site.

I’ve never linked keyword rich anchor text.

Anyone bold enough to fess up to the ones they have done?

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