Training Wheels of the Internet

14 Dec

Training Wheels of the Internet

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I can’t. The inspiration of this topic comes from Rick Schwartz, and his blog on domaining.

Rick’s post only slightly touched on Facebook and Twitter acting as the training wheels of the Internet. While I agree 100% with that statement, I also felt like there were two other players that are helping to train users for the web.

YouTube and Google.

Combined, these four sites are getting people feeling comfortable on the web, using it as a way of getting things done, a daily way of communicating, and eventually, giving them the courage to take a leap of faith to start a business online.

Twitter is used by many to provide instant updates on where you are at, a thought that you want to share, and even in some cases, used for breaking news. Twitter has trained us to mention everything instantly, despite some better judgement in some cases…

YouTube has exposed many talented people that would have never been “discovered” before. They also are the reason why video advertising has exploded and is an essential piece of any well crafted marketing campaign. By making video easy to use and share, it has revolutionized us by expecting videos to a part of just about every online experience.

Facebook is the online water cooler. But now you can keep your friends and fans in the loop for any status update you wish to share. Since most people complete the profile section asking about what you like, it makes for the best place to sell any product or service since Facebook allows you to specifically target people of a certain gender, race, age and likes. It has taught us that we can go back and re-connect with old friends, even if they really don’t remember us that well.

Google. Yes, the old dog of the four. Google has trained us to expect instant results that answer our question so that we can move on to the next task on our list. By delivering results that are better than any other search engine, they have the ability to offer advertising that can reach the masses almost instantly.

What does all of this mean? We are raising the next generation work force to have answers at their fingertips, via the monitor and a simple internet connection. Sure, brick and mortars will always have their place. But even today, online empires are getting built and are benefiting from the way users have been trained to use the web because of these four sites as well as many others.

The opportunity is there, all you need to is take advantage of it!

To your success!

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