Transparent with my SEO Strategies? Bullshit!

11 Apr

Transparent with my SEO Strategies? Bullshit!

I saw an article that says that one of the qualifications of a “real” SEO firm is to be transparent with all their activities that they take part in. This also means sharing any knowledge with respected SEO communities. By doing this, I am now part of the “good” group of SEOs.


I have a technique that I’ve been using for about seven months now that gets my site on the first page of Google with every post. Do you think I am going to SHARE that with the world? Just so that they can use it and knock me and my clients out of position?


My clients keep me because I get them ranked in Google and get them exposure on social media. They don’t care if I tell the SEO world about my strategy. All they want to see is the NUMBER OF CONVERSIONS my efforts got them. How much MONEY they made because of WHAT I DO. They don’t pay me because I am a respected member of the SEO community. They pay me because I MAKE THEM PROFITABLE.

Share that method? Sure, if you want to deposit 10 million in my bank account so I don’t have to work again, and I will spill the beans.

I need to provide for my family and there is no way I am revealing that information to anyone. Even when I help my friends, I don’t tell them everything to do. Most times, I will do it for them so that they get the benefits, but didn’t learn what to do.


Do you really think the best SEO’s out there are really sharing EVERY technique they use? The “special sauce” or the techniques used to get those top rankings?


So, continue on your way of being a sheep to the SEO flock and listen to everything that Google tells you to, and all the “respected’ SEO people and companies out there. I’m sure you’ll be happy with your first page ranking at #7, while your expert holds onto the #1 spot.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great people out there who are sharing, and it’s great information. There are also seo companies that do excellent work and should also be noted. But there is not a fantastically ranked seo company/person who is sharing with the “common folk” all their SEO techniques.

And if you’re tricked into thinking that a SEO firm is more reputable because they talk a good game, do some research on some of the more well known SEO companies that got busted by Google for violating their guidelines and in turn, tanked all their client rankings.

SEO as an industry has evolved to a place where there are true experts, “SEO rock stars” and then there are the rest of you. Yes, you the constantly reading updated post from Matt Cutts’s webmaster world videos, as you wait like a drooling dog to get a morsel of information from him.

And you buy it hook, line and sinker.

Who the hell is Google to tell me I can’t monetize from my site? Why, am I interfering with their Adsense revenue? Oh wait they just scrape my content, and if I am a good boy and do everything I was told by them I *might* get ranked for a SEO related keyword.

In case you’re curious, my site ranks for nothing seo related in Google. Yet, here I am, six years later, chugging along just fine. I used to give a shit about being ranked in Google. But then when I did, it took away from working on my client work. Why would I want to lose PAYING customers so that I can heed to the whims of a corporation that has thousands of millionaires whose are already financially set and don’t have to give two shits about a mom and pop going under because they want to reward spam injected content crap sites?

So, go ahead and follow your shepherd, little lamb, he’s calling for you to listen. Heaven forbid you venture off and think for yourself to learn the truth – and that’s what Google is doing. By having those tiny little morsels of information presented to you, most SEO’s have stopped experimenting on what really works to get ranked in the search engines.

And that’s exactly how Google wants you to act.

When you are ready make money with your online presence, contact me. I’m the wolf feasting on all the sheep who are too timid to think for themselves.

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  1. Damian | August 6, 2013 at 7:47 am

    Brilliant. Solid gold.

  2. Spook SEO | February 4, 2014 at 10:34 am

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