Tweet your ad to hundreds of members!

31 Mar

Did you know that you can modify most forum signatures to include your Twitter account?

Know how to take advantage of this?

Hop onto any forum that allows you to add twitter accounts. In the correct section, advertise that you are willing to pay members to add your twitter feed to their profiles. You can probably get away with only paying about $1 per month or some type of one-time payment to accomplish this.

Get your feed on at least 100 profiles. The more the merrier.

Now, once you have those profiles locked in, return to your forum of choice and advertise the fact that you can blast their ad to user profiles on the forum for a small fee – say $5 per blast.

Once they pay, you tweet their message in your Twitter account, and it will also instantly go live to all the members who are letting you use their accounts for this trick.

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