Twitter Metrics

14 Jun

Twitter Metrics

While many people are still trying to determine the best way to use Twitter, Google has already determined what it looks for when applying the engagement metric to it’s algorithm.

Some people use Twitter to make announcements, Zappos uses it as a customer service tool, and some use it as a real-time news feed.

No matter how you decide to embrace the technology, the simple fact of the matter is that Google is very aware of it’s importance to real-time events and how we use it.

Google has been analyzing user engagement from the social media sites for quite some time and from these observations has seemingly decided a few metric to pay attention to.

The Number of Followers your account has.
Obviously, one must have a decent number of followers to broadcast to. Otherwise it’s rather wasteful to tweet into cyberspace where no one is listening.

The Number of times your account is Listed.
This metric tells Google that what you tweet about is interesting to others. While this is an interesting number, the absolutely most critical number to be concerned about is:

The Number of Re-Tweets you have FOR EACH TWEET.
Yes, each Tweet can potentially be ranked on it’s own. Even if you have a small number of followers, if your tweet gets an amazing amount of re-tweets that particular tweet can get a top ranking in Google!

Unless that is your primary driver of traffic, you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with that metric. But, knowing this is an indication of how important Twitter is to Google rankings.

So, now that you know what’s important, you should review the Twitter Services page to see how we can increase these critical metrics for you, or just hit the over-sized Contact button to get started!

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