UnionPay – China Payment Services will help you grow sales from China

06 Dec

UnionPay China Payment Services

A quick look at the facts show why you should be targeting sales from China:

  • There are now more than 500 million Internet users in China
  • September 2010 China ecommerce sales were estimated at US$703 billion
  • 2015 China ecommerce sales are projected to reach US$2.8 trillion

Accept UnionPay on your site quickly and easily and start making that China coin!

Why is accepting UnionPay cards an important payment method to have for China’s Internet users?

  • UnionPay is the only bankcard organization in China
  • It is estimated that three in ten cards worldwide are a UnionPay card
  • UnionPay has more cards on issue than any card association worldwide
  • UnionPay is a well known and trusted payment card brand in China and worldwide

Stop losing out on sales from China and add UnionPay to your website today.

This sounds soo much like an affiliate ad, doesn’t it?

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