Using PPC for SEO Research

15 Oct

Using PPC for SEO Research

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get real information on the keywords you want to rank for…

…but it’s also expensive.

Google frequently gives out free vouchers for $20, $50 and $100 worth of credit to use their Adwords system. Once, they sent me five $100 credit vouchers. Since I couldn’t apply the credit to any of my existing accounts, I created new ones and used the credit there.

Shortly after I started driving traffic to my sites, I got the email with this subject line: Your AdWords Account: Account Suspended.

Sure enough, it only took them about 2 weeks to see what I was doing, but I burned through all my credits and learned a great deal doing so. (They banned all my accounts. After some email conversations, they re-instated my original account).

But, when I had these ads running, I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge in the sense of what people were REALLY searching for in regards to the keywords I was targeting. I know ad copy has an impact on whether people clicked on my ad or someone else, but the most important learning point of this experience came to this:

1.) Impressions – Real numbers for how many times a word was searched for
2.) Plural versions of words – no leads. Singular version of same words – conversions (In this case, they completed a form to be contacted)

Many times in search it’s hard to get real numbers since we all use tools provided by third parties (save for Bing Webmaster Tools, which give you real numbers…so why aren’t YOU using their fantastic tool yet?!) or Google, who doesn’t give you real data unless you pay for it.

So when you are serious about learning about what are the converting keywords in your space, you really need to spend some money on paid search, learn which terms people are truly searching for, then contact me to get them ranked!

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