Using Twitter to gain loyal customers

26 Apr

When you are a business, the one thing that you always wish to have is customers that are engaged. This is how companies such as Apple make money. They are not the market leaders in most of the products they sell, but they have created a huge demand for their brand. This brand is actively sought by an enthusiastic market segment. These people are engaged in the community that surrounds Apple and they will purchase their products at a premium price. It is hard for most companies to create such demand for their brand in this manner, but if you use Twitter, it can become a lot easier. With Twitter, you are able to build up a community of followers that will hopefully become loyal customers.

Twitter is like the ultimate opt in platform. When people follow you or your product, they do so because they are truly interested. Unlike email, where people sign up for an email newsletter and forget about it the next day, people on Twitter are glad to see your message when you send it. As long as you do not abuse it, they are happy to see your message in their timeline. They want to hear about your new products and to see what new deals that you have. They also love the fact that they can interact with you and leave you messages. This may be messages about a certain product or a text about a product that they would like for you to have in the future. No matter why they are, the important thing is that they are interacting with you. If you treat them right, they will start to become loyal customers.

And treating your customers right on Twitter is a big deal. On Twitter, direct marketing without interacting with the community is sort of frowned upon. Some people do not mind it, but most will unfollow you. If this the behavior pattern that your company follows on Twitter, you must change it quickly. You do not have to communicate with each person individually, but they must see that you are active in the community discussions. If you are not and you are only sending out text about your products, they will soon start to unfollow you in masses. Also you must limit the amount of time that you send out promotional tweets to your followers. It is a thin line between promoting to someone and spamming them. You must be careful that you do not cross that line. If people start to see you as a spammer, then not only will they start to unfollow you, but they will look unkindly to your products as well. You must take steps to avoid this from happening. No more than one promotional tweet an hour and that should be followed by some tidbit that your followers will find useful.

If you want to use Twitter to build up your brand, then you must be able to fit into the community. If you do, then you will be able to build up a loyal base of customers for the future.

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  1. Justine | May 21, 2010 at 8:33 am

    I never knew Twitter had so much potential for marketers. Thanks for the read.

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