What is a Good Domain Strategy?

05 Sep

What is a Good Domain Strategy?

I’ve had many clients ask this question and there is never a cookie-cutter answer. Each domain offers it’s own unique opportunities and should be thoroughly investigated before embarking on an effort to develop the domain.

First off, the type of domain should determine the correct path. Is it a keyword matching domain? Type-in traffic? One kind determines that a seo effort will need to be applied in order to get ranked while the other already has traffic, and should be built to take orders from day 1.

Here are the typical ways that people have decided to develop a domain strategy around:

  • Keyword Domain
  • Branding Domain
  • Make it an Autoblog
  • Thin Affiliate Site
  • One-Page site
  • Full-fledged business
  • Domain Parking
  • Build and Flip
  • Hold until someone makes and offer
  • Hold until the right person makes an offer

There’s no right answer that can be applied for every domain. From experience, I’ve had domains that do really well as an autoblog, but failed as a one-pager. However, some of my most successful domains are one-page keyword matching domains.

Parking a domain is a safe bet, but you really have to test all the service providers to see which domains perform better on which platform.

Of course, the best way is to hold the domain until the right buyer comes along and pays you what it’s really worth!

Keep these ideas in mind as you are looking to develop your domains – the correct domain strategy could determine how much you will make!

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