What is the Intent of the Search Query?

11 Nov

What is the Intent of the Search Query?

According to Google there are three types of queries – Action (“Do”), Information (“Know”) or Navigation (“Go”).

This Do/Know/Go model is a useful structure for understanding search in general.

Relevance is determined by intent – if a query is clearly action-oriented (e.g. “buy computer”), then only an Action (”Do”) result can be highly relevant.

So why bother knowing this?

Knowing what the intent of the search phrase will help you craft your keyword bible in a way that should guide you to the best converting phrases.

Everyone knows they need seo, but having the correct phrases ranked is what will send you the right person who is ready to buy your product or service, all because you appeared when they were searching.

As I heard someone famous say: “Keep it simple, silly!”

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