Why Does it Take a Rankings Drop For A Client To Finally Listen?

20 Apr

Why Does it Take a Rankings Drop For A Client To Finally Listen?

Sometimes, you are the victim of success. The client has a #1 ranking in Google despite not listening to your warnings that they need to clean up their code, or implement the directives that you told them about.

They are so busy with business that they hardly have the time to look at the website and it’s glaring issues that you warn them about.

“But we’re ranked #1 in Google, so it doesn’t matter.” They say.

And then it happens.

They drop in rankings in Google. From #1 to the second page.

They call in a panic – What happened to our rankings!?

This is an unfortunate event that every SEO faces eventually. For months, I had told the client to make some simple 301 and coding changes.

They didn’t listen. They tried telling me that I didn’t warn them. I sent my emails from months ago to their inboxes as a gentle reminder that I had, indeed, told them to make those changes months ago, while they were basking in the #1 rankings sun.

Now that they have some free time on their hands, they are like heroin addicts and want that top ranking back, and are willing to do whatever I tell them to now.

Why does this cycle play itself out every so often?

If they had listened to the person that they are PAYING to do seo for them, they would probably still be reaping the benefits of their rankings, and not spending time on the golf course.

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