Why SEO Strategies Should Never Be Duplicated

08 Aug

Why SEO Strategies Should Never Be Duplicated

One of the easiest traps to fall into when performing SEO is to repeat anything that was successful in the past and applying it to any new clients or new set of keywords. But as I’ve mentioned before about leaving a link footprint for Google, there is a risk involved in getting performing the same actions for all clients and keywords.

The first obvious problem is that if you constantly repeat the same linking process to acquire links from the same sources every time, pretty soon, Google will have no problem at all figuring out your link strategies.

The second obstacle this presents is that not all links will be topical to what you are trying to get linked. If you have one site about security, and the other one about graphic design, having links from the same sources will trigger a flag for Google to easily spot your tricks.

The great thing about search marketing is that there are so many ways to get a site ranked that you should never run into this issue. If you do, there are only a few things happening. One – you’re just lazy and relying on easy to implement ways to get links for your clients, which will fail in the long term. Two – if you truly can’t come up with creative ways to earn links, we can help, but I would hope that something would pop into your skull to inspire you.

Here’s the main takeaway – A good SEO will have multiple ways to earn links for their client. If they can’t name five ideas on the spot next time you talk to them, it might be time for a new vendor.

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