Why You Should Hire Me

29 Dec

Why You Should Hire Me

You know I’d be lying if I told you that was the best and that no one was better than me. There are many talented individuals that work in the search marketing industry. Ultimately, the decision to pick one vendor over the other typically comes down to a few variables:

  • Personality
  • Experience
  • Capacity
  • Success
  • Drive
  • Price

If you hire Bruce Clay, is Bruce himself going to work on your project? Probably not.
Moz has gotten out of the game. (They now focus on seo tools, which are fantastic)
SEOBook sells memberships. (A quality service for those wanting to learn seo for themselves)

I started in search when Matt Cutts posted as “GoogleGuy” at WebmasterWorld.

Rand Fishkin was “RandFish“, just getting Moz off the ground.

Danny Sullivan was still at Search Engine Watch.

Point is, I’ve been here for quite some time. Never felt the need to be an “SEO Rockstar”.

For me, success has always been about being able to provide for my family. In order to do that, I must have a skill that people want. Fortunately for me, I do – it’s getting sites ranked in the top positions in Google and measuring the impact of the conversions from the traffic earned.

Search marketing comes in different service levels. Some people only want an seo audit . They want to see if a site they are going to acquire will stand up to what the search engines want. They may also want to assess where their site stands from an seo perspective. I’ve done that numerous times, and those who spend the time to learn these things beforehand typically enjoy the most success.

Some people are only looking for guidance with proven seo strategies. My seo retainer service allows for those who want to leverage an expert in the field of search marketing as part of their overall marketing initiative. I can provide guidance and present ideas on marketing campaigns utilizing search and social media marketing that will boost rankings along with traffic and most importantly, brand reach.

Most are looking for someone to create and execute a search marketing plan in order to get their desired keywords ranked in Google. This is where all my talents become realized through the deployment of every strategy and method I know of to get those phrases ranked. Like all of us in business, we need every dollar spent to work hard and provide ROI. The easiest way to track that is by conversions.

I’m sensitive to budgetary constraints and can typically provide some service of value that will help your company grow. One of my proudest accomplishments is that my very first SEO contract started with one phrase. Today that client’s business has grown entirely through the search results found in Google and has over 30 phrases today. I’ve had some people tell me that they figured someone with my success wouldn’t be interested in helping out smaller companies. My thoughts in that are that there is nothing better than seeing the underdog winning, and part of that was because of what I was able to provide them with. On the Internet, the “little guy” can level the playing field through search marketing. I’ve seen this happen many times for my clients.

A question you might ask is “If this guy is soo good, how come I’ve never heard of him?” To that I state that I am a private person by nature, and see no need to talk about myself and my accomplishments other than by showing results in Google for my clients and their rankings. I was able to create my own ebook, SEO for Google, and after selling it for over 3 years, sold everything so that I could provide some financial security for my family.

Since Google doesn’t tell us what precisely makes up the algorithm in ranking sites, as an seo professional, part of my time is spent experimenting constantly on what Google is looking for in rewarding a site with top rankings. Some experiments have been complete failures, while others have provided new techniques that I use to get my client sites ranked. I experiment only with my own properties, so that no client takes a risk when using me. They only receive the benefit of my successful experiments.

Capacity. Some enterprise level clients have issues with being able to deliver. Like anything in life, each opportunity presents challenges that need to be addressed.

I’ve worked with clients that had over 180k sku’s on e-commerce sites, served clients that had nationwide and international locations that needed to be ranked as well as sites that already have tremendous amounts of traffic and are looking to deploy new strategies to gain more readers. The solution is always time management and setting the proper expectations for both delivery and results. I always deliver the results, no matter who the client is, or how large the campaign is.

Some may classify this as being a workaholic, but when others spend time updating their status on Facebook, tweeting their latest thought or browsing Reddit for the latest time kill, I am working on getting sites ranked.

Unlike others, I don’t mind telling you right now that I have failed before in getting a client ranked. To this day, it still bothers me. That client was back in 2006, and my failure was that I couldn’t get them ranked higher than #11 in Google. Since then, every client that has used my services enjoys top rankings in Google (First page). The majority of them have rankings from the 1-3 positions and are taking advantage of the targeted traffic that arrives everyday via search to their sites.

To finish, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom my Grandfather told me:

“You can watch things happen; You can make things happen; or you can wonder what the hell happened.”

Make the move to CONTACT ME TODAY – don’t wonder why your online competition is beating you, instead, let them wonder what happened!

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  1. Kathleen Garvin | January 3, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Hi Paul,

    Hope you’re doing well, and Happy New Year!

    My name is Kathleen Garvin, and I work in content development at SEMrush. I wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested in submitting a guest post on our blog: http://www.semrush.com/blog.

    With your years of experience in SEO and as an ebook author, I’m sure you could contribute something great for our audience! If you’re interested or have any questions, please send me an email.


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