Will Adding a Google +1 Button Increase Referring Site Traffic?

22 Feb

Will Adding a Google +1 Button Increase Referring Site Traffic?

Will Adding a Google +1 Button Increase Referring Site Traffic?

With so many social networks and profiles that a company needs to stay on top of, I often get this question from clients.

While there has been no absolute proof yet, if you apply some Google logic to this question, the answer is yes.


Google Loves Google

There’s no denying that fact. That’s why anytime Google releases any web property where anyone can get a link from, it makes sense to get a link from that property. YouTube and Google Plus pages also come to mind. It takes about ten minutes of your time to create a profile on either site, and you can instantly get a great Google loving link pointed to your site.

In raw numbers, the increase to your site depends on how many +1’s your site earns. Obviously, the more the better, but I think what’s even more critical is when you see a search result where someone you know has voted for a site (+1). It implies trust (assuming you know the person who voted for it) for that site.

That metric is something that Google will never be able to accurately measure. We humans will always be the final one making the decision, but the algorithm will play some part in trying to value the intent and trust of others in relation to your search.

Personally, I am not a fan of the +1 idea, but I do it for all my sites and always try to get all my clients to add it as well. You have to figure that as long as Google is around, it will have it’s place.

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