Yahoo Screwing Over TLD’s

17 Aug

Yahoo Screwing Over Top Level Domains

Today Yahoo announced that they were imposing a revenue cap on on certain Top Level Domians:

  • .biz
  • .co
  • .info
  • .tv
  • .us

The new cap will be imposed on a per domain, per day basis. Here’s where the Bullsh!t hits. If your domain is one of the above listed and it hits a cap for the day, Yahoo will turn off the ads for that domain for THREE DAYS and THEN turn the ads back on.

I can see why the search companies are doing this – with the exception of the .tv extension, all the others are crap. The .info and .biz have been abused by spammers and you already know my feelings about the .co extension. The .us is the current flavor of the month for cheap seo gains – the keyword friendly domains are ranking well in Google right now

Just another way that Domainers are getting screwed out of their money.

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