You Can’t Afford SEO

18 Mar

You Can't Afford SEO

This is probably the last type of post that one might expect from a site that offers seo services. But the truth of the matter is that some companies simply aren’t mentally ready to invest in a search campaign.

Countless times I’ve been contacted by people who are looking to get their sites ranked in Google. After learning about their business and what content and resources they have to work with, it’s typically easy to tell if they are really ready to invest in seo.

Many times during a conversation you will hear a phrase such as “We are a start-up company”. Congratulations. I hope you can deliver your product/service to the many people it could help. If you think that by making that statement that means I provide a discount, well, you are at the wrong place.

If you goto a mechanic to get your car fixed, they don’t care if you flip burgers or are a surgeon. There is a fixed cost for the parts to repair your car, as well as labor costs (time and effort) to install and test the parts needed to get your car running again.

The mechanic is going to charge both people the same amount to get the job done. Why would seo be any different? We have have fixed costs of parts (links from directories for an example), and our time to create and execute a strategy are our version of labor costs.

Another phrase I often hear is “We just spent a small fortune to re-design our website”. Again, it’s not my fault that you didn’t talk to someone with basic seo knowledge before coding your site. I will still need to charge an activation fee in order to make sure my efforts will get your site ranked. I never take on a client who refuses to make seo changes to their site. If they won’t make the changes I need, how can I have the confidence as a professional to know that my actions will positively impact the rankings for the site?

Lastly, the pricing I use is for a number 1 ranking in Google, not first page. First page rankings look nice and might make you look good to your boss. But I can tell you for a fact that until you hit #4 or higher, don’t expect much traffic to your site. The number one spot takes a tremendous amount of effort to get to and I charge for that. If you want average rankings, there are plenty of providers on webmaster forums who will get you there for much less…until you stop paying them.

Remember, that SEM is like investing in the stock market – it’s an investment, there are no guarantees, and if you can’t afford to lose everything you put in, you shouldn’t do it.

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  1. Enson Arantes | February 1, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    you can’t afford to lose everything you put in, you shouldn’t do it.. err :).. this is funny. Ever heard of “Risk Management” ? even in stock investment, they use it and from a trader point of view ( im a personal trader also a seo ) its no.1 tool in order to success in trading. 🙂 Its not like people not ready to lose, it just they want to minimize the risk. SEO is an investment, then it will be the same, people want a risk management applied in there too. You know seo knowledge alone wont get you anywhere. How you market your self so you can show your seo skill, that’s the matter. And trust me by saying something like “you can’t afford to lose everything you put in, you shouldn’t do it” some people might scared away and some people may laugh at you. Any business with no risk management..#fail

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