You Have A #1 ranking in Google, Now What?

07 Jul

This is a good problem to have. So many strive for that elusive #1 ranking in Google for something besides their own company name. Congratulations, now you are the king of the hill for that phrase. Now the battle begins.


That’s right. Getting to the top spot puts a huge target on your website and links. Your competitors are now going to crawl through your site looking for any edge that you might have previously had and will most likely implement the exact same thing if they can. They are going to run your domain through some backlink checking software to try to find all the places where you got links to see if they can potentially get the same ones pointed to their site.

As Winston Churchill said: β€œWar is a catalogue of blunders.” Everyone ranked below you is now looking for ways to find the crack in the armor so that they can get in and take your coveted spot.

So what to do?

Here is some good news. To get that top spot in Google, you clearly had to do some things better than your competitors, and you’ve earned some trust from the big G. So, you do have a bit of time to solidify your position.

One of the first things you could do is to promote a press release talking about how your company achieved a #1 ranking in Google for your phrase. Accompany this with a Youtube video, tweet it as a hashtag on Twitter, and boast about it on your facebook fanpage. There’s nothing wrong with talking about your accomplishments.

No need to worry about attracting attention by telling the world what you’ve done. Your competitors are already trying to knock you out of the top spot. Most likely by promoting a YouTube video, tweeting and getting “likes” on their facebook fan page.

The point is, I’ve seen many of my clients feel shy when earning a top spot in Google and they feel like they are boasting if they mention it to anyone but the CEO of the company and the Marketing department. I always thought we were supposed be the best we can?

So, with time being on your side, it is not the time to rest. Get more links from your loyal consumers, or continue to do what you did to get to the top spot. And, don’t forget about the seo help you got! πŸ˜›

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