YouTube Metrics

14 Jun

YouTube Metrics

Of all the social sites that get mentioned, I am amazed at how many people don’t consider YouTube as part of their online social presence. On average, video converts better than any other medium. We love to see something we are going to buy work in action. Short of a live demonstration, video can’t be beat.

So, why do so many overlook this fantastic traffic driver? Most are afraid that in order to be successful, only professional video will get the job done. While that might be true in some industries, I can tell you that a realtor who does a walk-through of a property will sell that house faster than just some images.

As you probably know, YouTube is owned by Google, so this means that Google has already been factoring in usage from YouTube videos into the search results. But what is important to Google? I’m glad you asked!

There are a few layers to YouTube and what gets factored into the rankings. First off, you need to have a channel where readers can find all your videos that you have. To illustrate this, feel free to visit the RankSurge YouTube Channel (opens new window) as an example.

On there you will see a few things.

First, you will see the total number of videos uploaded to the channel. After that, there is a Channel Views number, Subscribers total, Comments and a Friends count. While we always want to increase all the numbers, the engagement metric that Google finds important here is the number of subscribers the Channel has. This is the signal of interest of this particular channel to others on the web. Another perk to this is that every time a new video gets uploaded, every subscriber gets an email telling them about it – so the potential for more return visits to see your new video!

Next, each video on it’s own can get ranked. Much like we talked about in the Twitter Metrics piece, where every potential tweet can be ranked, the same goes for each video you upload.

For each video, Google looks at the number of views, Likes/Dislikes, comments and shares. Here, Google can track the number of times that a video gets “shared” and attributes that with the number of views, comments and likes that it earns. This is why some videos go viral from someone you’ve never heard of or will ever again.

But, it’s a great algorithmic way to determine if people are truly interested in the content of that video.

So, now that you know what’s important, you should review the YouTube Services page to see how we can increase these critical metrics for you, by Contacting us to get started!

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