My name is Paul Bliss and I’ve been working with the Internet since 1996. From graphic design to web programming to database design, I have seen many changes in the industry. I became fascinated with search engines back when Alta Vista was the top dog, and all you had to do in order to get high rankings were to stuff your meta tags with your keywords. I have successfully placed over 500 clients into top ranked positions for the past 10 years as an SEO consultant specialist, and along the way I have tried just about everything, and I know what works and what is just a waste of time.

In today’s online world, getting ranked in Google is more than just links. Excellent content along with community building with a brand are all parts of a successful campaign. Those who recognize this and adopt will see the most impact from their efforts.

I’ve done SEO for small one-person shops, to fortune 100 companies. Large e-commerce sites, websites based in Canada, China, India, Russia, the UK and of course, the U.S. as well.

Things I’ve done:                                                                                                                     Rankings Up!

When it comes to SEO, I’ve seen it and done it all. Many claim to know SEO – and to a point they are correct. But let’s put it this way –
If you had to have brain surgery performed on you, who would you rather have do the procedure:
The person who read about it online? Or the person who has been performing surgeries for years?

Why You Should Hire Me – A quick blurb on what separates me from the rest.

Contact me today. There is no obligation and we will never send you any unwanted email – we hate that just as much as you do! Located in Pittsburgh PA, but performing content optimization can take place anywhere that has an Internet connection – Get started now!