08 Jul

The Algorithm: What they are really talking about is the Ranking System

image source Many people think “the algorithm” is a singular algorithm. It’s actually a combination of many different patented ideas. The ranking system uses (in no particular order): Quality scoring algorithms External data NOT about Websites (e.g., “query deserves freshness”, “geo-location search”, user location, etc.) Website data collected from crawls

27 Jun

The Pursuit of Recognition

image source Some might call this vanity, and on some levels, that’s correct. However, good deeds and making an impact in the world are important things to acknowledge. It’s when they are promoted beyond reasonable amounts of time is when it comes off as bragging. So how is this connected

07 Mar

LunaMetrics Training Review

I recently attended the 3-day Google Analytics class, and the 1-day Google Tag Manager class taught by LunaMetrics. In order to fully understand the impact of this training, I’d like to quickly present to you some of my experiences in regards to “training” that I can apply to my work.