06 Feb

What is Growth Hacking?

Ask ten people what growth hacking is, and you will get a variation of answers. Some say that it’s knowing how to code. Some say it’s just a new name for SEO. Others say it’s measuring proven methods and then repeating and increasing efforts on a massive scale. Some say

04 Jan

SEO for Mobile Search

Mobile SEO is a myth, perhaps better used a marketing statement rather than to truly define what seo for mobile search consists of. Mobile seo would mean that all links take place on mobile devices and only link to other mobile platforms. Does Google only have a mobile version of

06 Feb

Mobile Optimization

Funny thing about mobile devices is that they are almost always with us, and yet so many companies don’t take advantage of the hyper-local opportunity they present. Imagine you are a coffee shop with some simple blue-tooth detection program running from the PC that also acts as your cashier. Anytime