Reputation Management

21 May

Damn Right I’m an SEO Mercenary

Here’s a hard truth that no one mentions in talking to a client. When you hire me, you are hiring me to care. As soon as you stop paying, I no longer care. I’ll confess that sometimes letting a client go is a FANTASTIC feeling. Not having to worry about

06 Feb

What is Growth Hacking?

Ask ten people what growth hacking is, and you will get a variation of answers. Some say that it’s knowing how to code. Some say it’s just a new name for SEO. Others say it’s measuring proven methods and then repeating and increasing efforts on a massive scale. Some say

26 Nov

Do You Really Need an SEO Audit?

I’ve seen so many places now offering these services and I have to wonder why? There are many tools that deliver data now – Google, ahrefs, seomoz’s Open Site Explorer, Domain Tools, Social Mention, FollowerWonk, and many others that can provide some various ways to see what your site is