Reputation Management

13 Jan

Brand Favoritism

Note: This is more of a rant than anything important! Not just from a customer perspective, but hiring as well. Seems like most people want to associate themselves with a big name, so that they look like they made the best possible choice – and if it’s the wrong choice,

11 Jan

Doing Business As (DBA) Vs Brand Reputation

Here is an interesting call I was part of. There was a potential client who called that was interested in search reputation management services because they had some negative press mentions about their company and didn’t have the time or knowledge to properly defend their name. We talked through the

28 Dec

SEO Audits for the C-Suite

First off, what the heck is C-Suite? A widely-used slang term used to collectively refer to a corporation’s most important senior executives. C-Suite gets its name because top senior executives’ titles tend to start with the letter C, for chief, as in chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief