Reputation Management

23 Nov

What’s the Importance of Google Places Reviews?

I saw this posted somewhere online and was shocked at the notion that this question even was asked. It’s almost like asking why is Google important to driving traffic to your site? Anyways, just as a refresher, Google Places is Google’s answer to the Yellow Pages. You don’t even have

01 Nov


I had previously written about my extreme displeasure of major brands using Facebook advertising their companies. (Facebook URLs, Are You Kidding Me?!) I have a love/hate relationship with Google. Sometimes they do great things, and other times, I am left scratching my head. But today we are here to give

21 Sep

Is Reputation Management the Future of Local Marketing?

What is Reputation Management? By definition, reputation management is the practice of always keeping a company or person’s name in good standing. So much that if any negative news is learned of, there is an active effort to quickly remedy the situation. When it comes to search engines, they play