Discrimination for Personality – Should You Have to Hide the Real You to be Accepted?

18 Oct


Yup. I am feeling it right now.

I’ve been looking for a job since June of this year (2016).

Given that I have 14 years of experience, that can’t be why I am not getting consideration.

I’m only applying for jobs that I have at least 90% of all requirement skills needed.

To this point in time, I’ve had many phone interviews, some Skype and a few in-person interviews.

Yet, here I remain, still unemployed.

Funny thing is, I have been applying at certain places that I KNOW I am probably the best qualified person for the job.

I reached out to a contact at one company I applied for and learned some disturbing news.

They told me that while the hiring manager qualified my skills, when they asked other employees about me, the reply wasn’t rainbows and unicorns. Instead it was that my personality wasn’t a perfect for them. (I guess that’s a nice way of saying that I was an ahole!)

Then, another position where I applied, I got the rejection letter from someone who I had worked with many years ago in the past and we never got along. They didn’t like me then because I told them the truth. But now that person is in a position of power and chose to use it over me.

Call it Karma, call it payback. I get it. Who wants to work with someone who told you in the past that your work was not up to standard? And I was correct. This particular person was fired months later for not being able to deliver the business goals.

But gloating over that won’t get me hired.

Then a third opportunity where it makes perfect sense for someone of my skill to be working at, I was again shut down by another person that I never got along with when working with them previously.

So is the lesson here that you always need to suck up and and kiss arse because you just never know where someone will end up in the future?


But my personality won’t allow for BS to go uncalled. All my previous employers have told me that they appreciated my candor. But none of them want to bring me in since I would be “disruptive” to the working environment.

So that begs the question. Do you want to spend your career playing office politics? Or do you want to go through life striving to be the best person you can be, and to be surrounded by others who also want to deliver excellence?

I can’t speak for others, as I have seen firsthand plenty of people who are happy to just arrive to work every day, sit in their cubicle, do the required tasks of the day, and then go home.

Sorry, I’ve always wanted a life less ordinary. And if that means when looking for a job I am staring over the chasm of many burnt bridges, so be it.

At least I know my spoke my mind, and never held back from trying to do what was best for the company I was working for.

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