eCommerce Optimization

06 Feb

eCommerce Optimization

Every product detail page of your online catalog is a potential entrance way to your site. Yes, we all know that if you have a #1 ranking for “shoes” in Google, you’ll get tons of traffic, and some conversions. But what if you rank #1 for “Men’s size 12 red running shoes”? Granted, you probably won’t make as much money, but the person who entered that phrase knows exactly what they are looking for – and you site appears in that spot, meeting their demands.

Now, imagine having the same scenario playing out for every product you sell on your website.

In the seo world, we call this the Long Tail.

It also means lots of money because your site met the consumers need when they were ready to buy. This is power of ecommerce optimization – making sure every page of your online catalog is properly optimized and then indexed so that the search engines can send you all the people with their credit card in hand ready to spend.

Here’s an example of what an ecommerce program might include:

  • “Social layer” coding
  • Strategic implementation of seo friendly code throughout the online catalog
  • Copy optimization
  • Messaging that leads search engines to keyword rich descriptions and title
  • Shopping feeds

On a month to month basis, we will plan our strategy to work alongside your entire marketing campaign to build brand awareness, deliver traffic to your site, and provide guidance for improving the site’s conversion rate.

We are also available on a retainer fee basis – just tap into our expertise when you need it!

Contact us today: Your catalog wants to be famous!

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