Google Adwords Account Service (or More Precisely, Lack Of.)

21 Jun

Google Adwords Account Service
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Gather round friends! Today we have a truthful tale on how important your money business is to Google!

When I was spending 1.5 million per month on Adwords, we had 2 reps who would reply within hours anytime an issue came up.

Now working with “only” 20k per month, one rep who told me that because of a job transition, no one was officially on the account until next quarter.


Any and all further technical issues were to be handled with a toll free call to tech support.

At least they admitted that spend was a factor in determining support:

“Quarter over quarter designated strategists are not guaranteed but there is always a dedicated support team at 866-2-GOOGLE. Spend definitely plays into assignments, but there’s always a team here that can help with anything related to tracking or AdWords.”

You mean, there is always someone there to take money.


Funny, a constant message that appears in the top right hand screen when first logged in and afterwards reads:

“10 campaigns may be losing clicks due to a limited budget.”

Nice practical advice from Google. Instead of trying to fix a reporting issue, tell the clients they need to increase their budget in order to get more impressions…

Then, after pestering the Google Girl for a reason why no person is looking onto the issue, she says:

“That being said, there is a team I can connect you with who is able to work with clients throughout the quarter. Depending on your plans for Q4, this team might be a good fit. Let me know if you want me to connect you with my colleague on that team.” – That would be a big no. Don’t need to waste my time.

“In terms of the questions in your original email, reaching out to the support team is your best bet regardless of assignment because they have the escalation paths in order to get the technical issues figured out.”

Uh-huh. Seeing how money is the driving factor for when/if you get a reply, it looks like we are on our own.

Thanks Google!


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