Site Optimization (SEO)
First you need to make sure your site has the best chance of being indexed thoroughly by the search engine bots. Our site coding services ensure that your site contains all the influential components to make sure that all optimized pages get found by the engines.

Search Marketing (SEM)
Now that you’ve built the greatest lemonade stand ever, you need to advertise your site to all those who want what you offer.
There are many ways to accomplish this:

We also offer consulting services if you just want to pick our brains or want to strategize on an idea you have in mind, we are available for that as well.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is another effective component of search marketing, but RankSurge focuses exclusively on organic optimization. However, we know of some great companies that do PPC and will happily point those interested in those offerings to quality vendors.

Contact us today: That is of course, unless you’re already ranked #1 in Google, right?