The Pursuit of Recognition

27 Jun
Pursuit of Recognition

Applause is one way to feel it.

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Some might call this vanity, and on some levels, that’s correct.

However, good deeds and making an impact in the world are important things to acknowledge. It’s when they are promoted beyond reasonable amounts of time is when it comes off as bragging.

So how is this connected to search marketing?

In an industry where there are very few ways to validate an expert or company of professionals, how can an outsider know?

An expert by definition is someone who obtains results that are vastly superior to those obtained by the majority of the population.

There is also another definition that states that an expert is a person with special or superior skill or knowledge.

In search marketing, the expert label requires one more things: experience.

There is a history to the evolution of search marketing that is someone new to the scene isn’t aware of, they could repeat and use techniques that are now considered to be against Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Is this fair to subject new talent to the history lessons of old fogies who reminisce about the “good ‘ol days?”.


I’ve used this comparison before and will do so again here. Imagine you need to have brain surgery. Do you want the doctor who read only the latest ways of performing surgery, and you would be their first patient? Or would you want the surgeon who has twenty years of experience performing the surgery of which you would not be their first patient?

The same principle applies for search marketers. New blood already come with social and mobile knowledge, but in most cases, they lack the technical knowledge of knowing what code to implement. That same code works differently for mobile devices and having the search pro who’s “Been around the block” knows of the nuances of what typically causes trouble.

In every situation, each person or company should bring with them different levels of experience in each vertical, each driven by the clients they earn, and the work they generate.

Perhaps the most troublesome part of this endeavor is that some “Experts” spend more time building their reputation instead of working. Of all the search marketers I have met, it’s typically the ones who keep to themselves, they don’t brag about who they work for, or mention how many followers they have. Instead, they just deliver results.

Isn’t that the best recognition to have?

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